The famous Euston Flyer

By Renato
The Euston Flyer
83-87 Euston RoadLondres - Londres (United Kingdom) (NW1 2RA)
Phone: 020 7383 0856
Price: $$
Opening Times:
Su - Th 10:00-23:30
Fr,Sa - 10:00-23:59
The Euston Flyer

The Euston Flyer is a very famous and traditional Fullers pub in the lively Kings Cross region and St Pancras International in London. It is a very charming Pub, with a decoration not too heavy and very delicate and details that makes it look like an old warehouse. It has a series of impact phrases spread across the walls and has impeccable service. In a large building, it can accommodate more than 500 people in its several separate rooms and a raised area with chorus sofa, which was where we settled.

The pub has two sports-displaying screens and some nickel-hunting machines that bring colorful lighting and are always blinking. It has a wide variety of beers in bottle or draft. The Pub Kitchen is also very varied and you can find all the classic dishes of a Pub. On this occasion, we did not sample any food from the Pub, but being Fullers, should follow the same standard of the Head of River in Oxford.


This was the First Pub I visited in London. This day I was still a little lost as an English Pub works. I went to this pub with some friends from school where I was studying in Oxford. We went to a party in London and before the party went to the Pub. I was with some Argentinian, Russian and Turkish friends. We had a variety of beers, I being in a Fullers Pub, I opted for an ESB Extra Special Bitter, a strong reddish beer with a mild bitter and excellent finish.

The Pub’s service was excellent. The girl who picked us up was very kind and funny. He took several photos with us and showed us a bit about the different beers they own. Me and my friends sat at the top of the Pub and stayed for about two hours talking and drinking.


Viajar é conhecer lugares diferentes. Nossa proposta não é apenas viajar para os locais, é ir além. É passar um período maior, interagir com as pessoas da cidade e sentir a cultura e o dia a dia de cada local. Da lista de países que conheci, optei por morar em alguns lugares para vivenciar a experiência com mais profundidade e poder compartilhar com mais detalhes e exatidão além de descobrir os segredos de cada local, não se limitando aos pontos turísticos mais famosos.

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