The Four Candles: A very lively Oxford pub

By Renato
The Four Candles
51–53 George Street Oxford - OxfordShire (United Kingdom) (OX1 2BE)
Phone: +441865272950
Price: $
Opening Times:
Su, We - 8:00 - 00:00
Th, Sa - 8:00 - 01:00

The Four Candles is a pub in Oxford that offers a great option to eat well, have a beer and not spend much money. The pub makes part to the Wetherspoon, one of the largest pubs company in the UK, and therefore offers a wide range of beers at a very affordable price and has a standard of service and food. The Pub does not usually have music or bands, so it’s an option to eat well, rest or chat with friends. The pub has two floors with plenty of table scattered around the lobby and plenty of light coming from nickel hunting machines.

Next to the Pub, was the history school from University of Oxford, where studied the writer and comedian Ronnie Barker (1929-2005). The Name The Four Candle was appropriated from a sketch written by Ronnie Barker for the television program The Two Ronnies. In the program, Barker enters a hardware store and asks for ‘four candles’. Corbett gives him the candles, but Barker actually wanted “fork handles”. You can watch this episode and understand some English humor, a naive and fun and somehow stupid humor, very well translated by Monty Python.

The Wetherspoon of Oxford

This was the first “Wetherspoon” I have visited in my life. At the moment I still did not have much idea of how the pubs were here and about the different types of Pub. I only discovered that this Pub was part of the network, when I started to write this blog and I noticed that they already called my attention, even Before knowing about. Each pub in the network has unique features and some differences in menus, but in general they are the cheapest pubs in cities. I really like these pubs, so we have an exclusive section on Wetherspoon where you can see suggestions of dishes, beers, service and other tips related to pubs

My first visit to The Four Candles

After know the Museum of Natural History and Pitt Rivers, I and some Argentinian friends who studied with me, went to have a beer to rest. Walking through the streets of Oxford, we found a Pub that caught the attention of the movement. We stopped and decided to have a beer in this Pub. We opted for different beers in flavor and color. I savored the first time a John Smith Extra, the darker beer in the photo, with a very nice bitterness.



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