The History of Oxford and its People in a Museum

By Renato
Museum of Oxford
St Aldate'sOxford - OxfordShire (United Kingdom) (OX1 1BX)
Phone: 01865 252334
Museum of Oxford

Oxford was the first city in Europe I lived in and this gave me a special affection for this city. Oxford has several museums, a wonderful architecture and many important people was part of the history of the city.

All this can be checked in an exclusive museum about the city and the people of Oxford, the “Museum of Oxford”.

When I visited, the museum was very small, about 5 rooms with photos, stories, interactive tables and pictures that told the story of the great characters of the city.

The Museum is undergoing a major modification and will tripled in size and increasing the number of exhibits from 286 to about 750, making the museum even more interesting.

What will you see at the Oxford Museum?

In the museum you will learn how the city of Oxford developed economically, politically and how Oxford University influenced the city.

The Carfax Quarter Boys

 The Museum houses the bell and the original soldiers of the Quarter-Boys of the Tower Carfax  that every quarter of an hour they beat in the bells of the tower Carfax.

Oliver Cromwell’s Death Mask

This mysterious mask was produced with the death of Oliver Cromwell on September 3, 1658.

Scott’s Marmalade Can

The marmalade produced by Frank Coopers made in Oxford found in Antarctica



Besides the history of the city of Oxford and several important people of the city, we highlight 2 very famous characters, who were born in the city and you will be able to know the history a little more.

Lewis Carroll, from Alice in Wonderland

Visit Oxford and explore Wonderland Alice’s birthplace. Discover the places that inspired Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (also known as Lewis Carroll) who in 1862 wrote the enchanting story of Alice in Wonderland, where a little girl named Alice (inspired by Alice Liddell, also an illustrious Oxford figure) followed a white rabbit by a rabbit hole in a magical wonderland. See here an Alice in Wonderland Guide in Oxford.

In the museum it is also possible to see a medal that the Red Cross gave to Alice Lidell for her charity work during World War I.



Viajar é conhecer lugares diferentes. Nossa proposta não é apenas viajar para os locais, é ir além. É passar um período maior, interagir com as pessoas da cidade e sentir a cultura e o dia a dia de cada local. Da lista de países que conheci, optei por morar em alguns lugares para vivenciar a experiência com mais profundidade e poder compartilhar com mais detalhes e exatidão além de descobrir os segredos de cada local, não se limitando aos pontos turísticos mais famosos.

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