The Head of the River, great Pub for sunny days in Oxford

By Renato
The Head of the River
Folly Bridge, St. AldatesOxford - Oxfordshire (GB) (OX1 4LB)
Phone: 01865-721600
Price: $$
Opening Times:
Tu,Th 16:00-20:00
The Head of the River

The Head of the River Pub is one of Oxford‘s most charming pubs. It has a very nice outdoor garden full of flowers and large tables with a view of the River Thames. On summer days, the garden is full of people sipping a great beer or one of the delights that the Pub offers. In addition to the Pub, the place is also a hotel. The pub is part of the Fullers Pub Network. Fullers is an English beer brand and well known in England mainly for London Pride, so the beer and food menu follows a national standard.

This was my first pub

This was the first pub I went to in England on July 20, 2014. The week I arrived in Oxford, my friend and host Geoff took me on a tour of Oxford’s historic center to get to know the city that would live in next month we went to this pub as well. As soon as we arrived we went to get a beer. I was lost. There were many choices of brands, names and styles. In order not to miss, I got a beer that I had already taken in Brazil, the Amstel, Geoff opted for a London Pride. We spent about 1h30 minutes in the pub and ate a very tasty snack. Tip: You can register on the Pub website and win a free beer pint.


After a good walk along the banks of the River Thames, I decided to have a beer and relax while enjoying Rio, so the option was to go back to this Pub. Arriving at the Pub, I got a beer and sat at the outside tables. As soon as I arrived I noticed a different movement and a staff all dressed in different and similar clothes that began to make a batuque and to dance. It was the Morris Dance group of Oxford.

The Morris dance is an English folk dance (dated 1448) accompanied by music. It is based on the rhythmic step and choreography of dancers, usually using bells on their shins as well as sticks, swords and handkerchiefs. It was a very interesting experience, between one song and another the dancers tasted beers in iron mugs, which they themselves had brought to the Pub.

They do periodic presentations at the Pub, who knows you are not lucky enough to meet them here either. Tell us about your experience.


Viajar é conhecer lugares diferentes. Nossa proposta não é apenas viajar para os locais, é ir além. É passar um período maior, interagir com as pessoas da cidade e sentir a cultura e o dia a dia de cada local. Da lista de países que conheci, optei por morar em alguns lugares para vivenciar a experiência com mais profundidade e poder compartilhar com mais detalhes e exatidão além de descobrir os segredos de cada local, não se limitando aos pontos turísticos mais famosos.

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